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The experience, quality and professionalism of BST enabled it to expand beyond the borders of the local market and widen its operations abroad. Thus, since 1995 the BST Group is operating throughout North America and Europe.

With the aspiration to expand its activities abroad, the BST Group dedicates resources and much effort in locating enterprises and opportunities abroad and in creating ties and partnerships with the leading firms globally in the field of construction and additional fields.

BST International leads large scale and complex projects intended for both residential and commercial use throughout Europe and North America and locates strategic partners for the commencement and advancement of projects in the various target countries worldwide.

The business strategy of BST, which has proved itself quite well in Israel, is successfully implemented also globally:

  • Comprehensive solutions to the different aspects of commercial construction, as well as residential.

  • Safeguarding the continuous and open contact with existing partners as well as with potential partners in these target countries.

  • Locating property investment and potential projects from deep acquaintance with the local market

  • Direct and close involvement in the management of the business abroad.

  • Superior standards, meticulous in every detail, the harmonic and comprehensive tailoring of each and every project.

Canada and North America

The Group has a permanent administrative and organizational infrastructure in Toronto, which yields successful economic deals in Canada and in North America in general. Maintaining a permanent presence in the target market affords a competitive advantage over other foreign investors and enables the Group to identify high yield deals.

The Group was a partner in various properties in Canada and North America, including over 2000 rental housing units, tens of thousands of square meters of office buildings, land for development and partial ownership of a REIT fund that owns approximately 4,000 rental housing units.

In Canada, investing in income real estate used for medical centers is the Group’s special area of expertise.


BST International has chalked up major successes in many countries in Europe, cooperating with large global economic companies:

In Germany:

Establishment of the management infrastructure for locating, purchasing, managing and capital gains of investment properties.
Partnership in ownership of a combination structure that is intended for both residential and commercial use in the city of Berlin.


Partnership with the Bank of Georgia and additional developers in the purchase of parcels of land that are in various stages of planning and development.


Partnership and investment in establishment of the luxury hotel "Golden Tulip Victoria" in the city Bucharest.
Partnership with a property and construction company from the IDB Group of land in the Bucharest area, of 28,000 square meters, on which will be established the luxury project "Victory Gate" that will combine 1000 residential units and commercial space.


Cooperation with large Israeli construction companies in projects for the development and establishment of thousands of residential units between the years 2006 – 2008.

The BST Group sees the international market as an exciting field of activity, challenging and profitable and has set as a goal to continue and lead in that area, while safeguarding the same high standards and values of excellence, quality and professionalism that all together lead its activity in Israel.