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BST Development Ltd. works tirelessly to locate promising and significant projects in various fields that are related to real estate. BST Development Ltd. has cooperated in numerous projects with the leading and most significant groups in the field, that operate in a similar scope and extent of activity.

Since the end of the 1980's, BST has initiated and developed entire residential communities throughout Israel, starting with Karmiel and Ma'alot in the north, and continuing down to Rishon LeZion in the south. The company has initiated and built thousands of apartment units, some of which were in partnership with Shikun and Binui Real Estate (formerly Shikun Ovdim).

In the last few years, BST has initiated and executed different projects together with Africa Israel both in Ramat Gan and Kefar Saba. BST's joining forces in profitable and varied projects is one of its goals for the coming years and it dedicates many resources and much thought in choosing the appropriate partners for this path in which it harnesses the strength, its reputation and experience that it has accumulated for new projects.