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The vision, talent, superior human capital, equipment and the most advance technologies in the world have turned BST Construction into one of the largest and leading private companies in its field in Israel.

The team of engineers and professional project managers rich in experience enable the company to navigate the projects it leads in the shortest and most efficient path, coordinated with the developer with non compromising adherence to schedule. All of these factors transform BST Construction into a symbol of excellence and quality in its field.

For decades BST Construction executes complex and wide ranging projects for the leading forces in the Israeli construction and developers market. Amongst the company's regular clientele are:
Azrieli Group, Ofer Brothers, Caraso Real Estate, Gav Yam, Mivnei Ta'asiah, Ispro, Azurim, Gazit Globe are only a fraction of customers for whom BST Construction has established commercial, residential and office buildings in the highest standards currently existing.

The stable and skilled work force of the company, managed by experienced and professional management teams enables BST Construction to simultaneously manage a large number of mega projects to the full and complete satisfaction of the ordering parties.

Prominent projects built by BST Construction:

  • For the Azrieli Group: Azrieli Mall in Modi'in, business park office building in Herzliay, and the Kiryat Ata Mall.

  • For the Ofer Brothers and Caraso Real Estate: Capitol Towers in Jerusalem