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The BST Group specializes in the development and construction of large scale and complex projects in the real estate field in Israel and overseas.
The group, established forty years ago by Mr. Badi Tannous, has led for many years a considerable number of the largest and most impressive projects in the field of real estate enterprise, and today has transformed into one of the leading forces in Israel in the field of enterprise, construction and development.

Beginning in 1995, BST has set into motion and participated in real estate projects of wide scope in different areas of the world. Many of these projects set into motion by BST include partnerships with both the leading real estate and financial forces in Israel and abroad and are executed with the support and full cooperation of the central banks.

Within the framework of its investment company, the group operates regularly to locate significant new large scale projects, that are compatible to the scope of its activities, and invests resources in locating and setting in motion of initiatives that are in additional fields such as High Tech, commerce and technological development.

BST's strong reputation, the values upon which the company is based – quality, professionalism, reliability and creativeness, have made possible its expansion and development and today the group operates within the framework of four companies, each giving a response to the various aspects of its activities:



  • BST Construction – performing the large and complex projects in the field of real estate
  • BST International – investments and projects in the realm of real estate and commercial fields outside of Israel
  • Investments – Investment in projects in various areas such as commerce, high tech and technological development
  • BST Development – locating significant real estate opportunities throughout Israel

All of these are managed in full harmony fulfilling customer requirements and bringing the complex projects to which the group is partner to the highest level of quality and finishing, with close cooperation with the promoter team and unwavering adherence to schedule.