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Corporate Values

At The BST Group, professional integrity has been rooted 45 yeasr ago by the excellence and quality founder and Chairman of the Board, Mr. Badi Tannous. 
And those are the same values that granted the group its reputation key status within the top levels of Israeli real estate today.

These values enable the group to expand and preserve its position as the leader in its field.

During the 40 years of its existence and activities in Israel as well as abroad, the group meticulously kept and preserved the leading values that are implemented daily by all company employees, starting with the Chairman of the Board and up to the last of its employees.

  • Excellence, leadership, innovation
  • Reliability
  • Unwavering quality
  • Development and investment in human capital
  • Adhering to schedule
  • Team work
  • Courtesy and respectability to both customer as well as employees
  • Meticulously safeguarding employee safety.


BST Vision:

  • Safeguarding company status as an influential innovative force and chart the path in its field
  • Continuous growth and breakthroughs to new areas, expansion of activity globally
  • The nurturing of excellence, innovation and creativeness
  • Positioning the company as a rewarding and developing work place, source of pride to its employees
  • Safeguarding both the family nature of the group and the superior human capital in the group
  • Contribution to society and economics in Israel by creating jobs, trend leading and community involvement