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From the Founder:

I established the BST Group in 1972 out of a true desire to build a significant, excellent and quality leading force in the field of real estate in Israel.

The aspiration to professionalism, excellence, innovation and a continuous dialogue with the client, guided me as an independent contractor. These values set the foundation of the BST Group, and are the guiding light I instilled in my children, who assist me in the management and leadership of the group.

Emerging from a contracting company, BST developed and transformed to the BST Group: a group of companies that are capable of supplying the comprehensive response, coordination, and harmony to all aspects of building luxury and/or complex projects, beginning with the planning stage and up to the last detail in execution.

The ability to discern the smallest of details, in wide ranging projects, bringing with it quality, exactness and the highest level of finishing, while granting a comprehensive respond to all customer requirements is what makes the BST Group unique and sets it apart from its competition. As founder of the company and together with the board, we strive to preserve all of this.

As Chairman of the board and founder of a family company, I believe that the company is a family: BST employees are what creates the steadfast base of the BST Group and the wide smile that they bring with them to work in the morning is significant to the company's success and reputation.

Training our employees, guarding their safety and caring for their work environment are of paramount importance to me as Chairman of the Board as well as for the Group in entirety.

The reputation and expertise of many years of the BST Group has yielded many clients and successful collaborations during the years, and with that said and done, we do not rest for a moment: the group looks to the future, striving to renew and be revised, penetrating additional fields and territories both in Israel and globally, identify new opportunities and potential partners while remaining the leading factor who charts out the future in this field.

For many years the BST Group is operating worldwide in the areas of real estate and investments as well as in additional fields that present promising opportunity.

At BST, harmony is the name of the game. Harmony integration is the mortar between components of large scale construction projects, the employees and the company.

BST continues to strive to be the leader in its field, by implementing core family values and partnerships, attantion to details and commitmant.

Badi Tannous